Summer comp Draw 17th onwards

Summer Comp Draw

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Youth Boys Trial Dates and Rego Form





Trial Dates



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Updated Summer Comp DRAW with extra Games

Summer Comp Draw

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Fields Closed for this week...mowing could not get done....Council closed fields...Games to be played as catch up from next week onwards!!

Fields have been closed with Mowing damaging the had to be stopped

Council has closed fields for this week...We will arrange catch up games from next week onwards with a 4th field being setup permanently




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UPDATED Summer Comp Draw

Please find the Updated Summer Comp Draw...This will be the last changes done for the SEASON!!

I will have the full competition draw printed and live this weekend



 Summer Comp Draw Updated


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Summer Comp Rego Team Form

Team Rego Form is ready to be downloaded










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Summer Comp Flyer INFO


Summer Comp Flyer

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Women's Football at the CFC has been growing the past few years and we are keen to have some great ladies teams in 2017.

We plan to have 3 divisions, a very competitve ladies team, a "we love soccer" team and a fun, friendship and fitness social team.  Soccer is a great team game for any age, will improve your fitness, add fun to your week and being a part of the CFC you will make new friends at our very social club.


Whatever your ability or playing level there will be a team to suit you.  Come along and register and join in the fun!

If you have any questions call Nic Basile on 0458 882 375.



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We all love celebrating and remembering those 25 yard screamers and cheering players that take on 5 defenders and score goals that win matches. Everyone remembers those players. But who can recall Gordan Banks save against Pele at the 1970 World Cup, or Ilker Casillas’s world cup winning 1 vs 1 save in the World Cup final against Arjen Robben? How about Oliver Kahn’s heroic s that single handed got Germany to the World Cup final in 2002?

Spare a thought for the unsung heroes of the game, Goalkeepers. The last line of defenct and the first line of attack. Some say you have to be a little crazy to be a goal keeper, I say definitely! Throwing ourselves around like rag dolls and diving down into opposing teams feet just to keep that ball out of our net for our team mates with little or no thanks, only for the strikers at the other end to get all the glory. Yeah! We are a crazy breed.

At Caloundra Football Club Goalkeeping Academy we have boys and girls from the ages of 9 – 17 working tirelessly week in and week out to better themselves in all areas of goalkeeping. The massive improvements I’ve seen in each and every one of their games over such a short period of time is a testament to the players professional attitude and commitment in every session. It is a joy to watch as a coach. If you wish to join or enquire about the Academy please forward an email to the club president, Nic Basile -

Dale Hill
Academy Coach and fellow Crazy Goalkeeper

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CFC is proud to host Dale Hill as head coach of the CFC Goalkeeping Academy for 2016.  

Players will receive:

  • Great coaching from one of the best goalkeepers in QLD;
  • Specially designed Goalkeeping Academy uniform;
  • $50 Amart Sports giftvoucher to help get the gloves you always wanted;
  • Two weekly goalkeeping lessons for 9 weeks (18 lessons)

Cost is $15 per session (if training twice a week) or $20 per session if training only once.

To book email Nic Basile,


Click Here for Flyer


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